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Save Handling Bug Enables GNU/Linux on Xbox

It seems that a save handling bug (perhaps a buffer overflow) in at least one licensed Xbox game (007: Agent Under Fire from Electronic Arts and supposedly other titles as well) has allowed hackers to run GNU/Linux on unmodified Xbox systems. Here is the original announcement in the "General Xbox Hacking & Modding" forum at

I definitely like the idea of being able to run GNU/Linux on an Xbox, although I would prefer to do so in an officially sanctioned manner since that would likely involve some level of development cooperation between Microsoft (the hardware vendor in this case) and the software developers, thus providing the smoothest and most stable experience. That level of cooperation with GNU/Linux developers does not seem like a likely move for the Windows giant, but one can always hope.

Here are some related web sites:

Also, here is the article that alerted me to the GNU/Linux on Xbox breakthrough (I have to give credit where credit is due):

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