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I can rebuild it. I have the technology. I have the capability to make the world's first bionic web site. Game Buzz will be that web site. Better than it was before. Better... stronger... faster. Okay, so I don't really know how to make Game Buzz "bionic", but I have already been working to make it better, stronger, and faster.

I am working on two new news systems. Once one of them is complete, new content should be posted more frequently.

Please feel free to let me know if you encounter any problems or peculiarities with either the page layout or the news reader software. You may use the following e-mail address, but please do not redistribute it or use it for spam:

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Most of the old content has been removed, but who cares about old content? ;)

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Star Control II is being ported back from 3DO!

The 3DO version of Star Control II is being ported back from 3DO to Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, and Mac OS X. According to the list of frequently asked questions for the project, it has already been tested to run on all all of the above except Mac OS X. I downloaded the Windows version of the port and tried it out with fond memories of playing the original Windows and 3DO versions of Star Control II. Although the current release of the port—version 0.1—is clearly early (it has some graphics glitches, some crashes, etc.), it is already playable. I am looking forward to seeing how the project progresses.

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